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Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church, Boston, MA

Here, you can see the replacement of broken pieces at Saint George's Orthodox Church in West Roxbury.  The stained glass windows were created in the 1950's by the company Carroll E. Associates of Boston.  The goal of this restoration was not only to match the quality and characteristics of the historic glass, but also to match the details and attributes of the original painted glass. Two different painting techniques, tracing and matting, and two consecutive kiln firings were required to re-create the pieces.

Private residence stained glass window, Newton, MA

Reglazing of a stained glass window and mending of broken pieces for a private residence in Newton, MA.

The clear texture of the background showed a shift of the glass' hue towards shades of pink, a phenomenon due to the manganese content of the glass and the decade-long exposure of this glass to UV light. Because of the subtle pink color of the background, replacing the broken piece with new "hammered" clear glass pieces was not an option. Instead, broken pieces were mended with copper foil and reassembled in a new lead skeleton.  

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